Friday, March 1, 2013

QuTiP 2.2.0

We are pleased to announce QuTiP version 2.2.0, which now is available for download at the project's web page:

Some of the many changes in this release include:

New Features

  • Added Support for Windows
  • New Bloch3d class for plotting 3D Bloch spheres using Mayavi.
  • Bloch sphere vectors now look like arrows.
  • Added partial transpose function.
  • Added continous variable functions for calculating correlation and covariance matrices, the Wigner covariance matrix and the logarithmic negativity for multimode fields in Fock basis.
  • The master-equation solver (mesolve) now accepts pre-constructed Liouvillian terms, which makes it possible to solve master equations that are not on the standard Lindblad form.
  • Optional Fortran Monte Carlo solver (mcsolve_f90) by Arne Grimsmo.
  • A module of tools for using QuTiP in IPython notebooks.
  • Increased performance of the steady state solver.

Bug Fixes

  • Function based time-dependent Hamiltonians now keep the correct phase.
  • mcsolve no longer prints to the command line if ntraj=1.

We would especially like to thank everyone who has contributed with bug reports and code to this and previous releases of QuTiP!

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